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London Design Festival

I spent a lovely weekend in London, enjoying the Open House Weekend and the Design Festival. Here are some of the photos I took.

Mercurial – Gnome Keyring Integration

I don’t know about you, but I was really bored about inserting my password again and again when pulling hg based projects. Since I’m using Gnome, I decided to check if it was possible to integrate Mercurial with the Gnome Keyring. Guess what: http://bitbucket.org/ebo/hggnome-keyring/changeset/4f8cbce98fe6/ Just download the extension and install it, by adding the following … Continue reading

Mercurial – Verbose Pull

Are you pulling from a Mercurial repository and it’s taking too long? Do you want to know which files are being pulled into your local machine? Did you try hg –verbose pull and it didn’t help? Then, try the following: hg –debug -v pull Cheers.

Notting Hill Carnival 2009

I finally managed to upload some of the photos I took during the London Notting Hill Carnival 2009. Here they are.

Voice User Interface in Mobile Devices

How likely are we going to use Voice User Interface in mobile devices in the next future? Take a nice survey (available via web or IM) and win free Amazon vouchers😉