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When Erlang meets Italy

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In the past few days, you might have noticed lot of tweets and noise (or maybe melodies) on the web regarding Erlang and Italy. Since most of the discussions have been performed in Italian, let’s try to summarize here what has just happened.

Everything started from a mail from @eolo in the official erlang-questions mailing list, proposing the creation of the first Italian Erlang User Group. A couple of members of the mailing list immediately pointed out that an Erlang User Group has already been created in Italy a couple of years ago.

Well, apparently that simple mail was enough to awake that old group from his sleeping phase. Lot of new members are joining the group, that counts more than 40 members right now.

Rumors about an Erlang interest reached the careful ears of Erlang Solutions Ltd., a UK based Erlang company, that showed a great interest in boosting an Erlang User Group in Italy.

In a couple of days, all these discussions have been translated into a concrete proposal: an Erlang Factory Lite in Rome. Essentially, an Erlang Factory Lite consists in a sequence of talks regarding Erlang, followed by a so-called “erlounge”, an informal meeting having place in a pub or similar to allow people to meet each other and to discuss their Erlang experiences.

A successful Erlang Factory Lite had place, for example, past November in Krakow.

To grant a free event, we’re currently looking at sponsors and at a venue, able to guest from 50 to 100 people. We’re doing our best to find some special “speaker”, too.

Together with the event, an Erlang course could be delivered by Erlang Solutions Ltd. at a special price, so whoever would be interested in this, feel free to contact me or directly the company.

It seems Erlang is finally meeting Italy and God only knows what is going to happen🙂

In the meantime, stay tuned on Twitter. The tag to follow is #erlangit.

About Roberto Aloi

Software Engineer and Erlanger. Author of www.tryerlang.org.



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