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Software Engineer and Erlanger. Author of www.tryerlang.org.
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Domain Renewal Group Fraud

A couple of days ago the following letter has been delivered to my British postal address. A quick glance to the letter on my way to work pushed me to write this blog post. The so-called “Domain Renewal Group”, sender of the above letter, seems to have a quite interesting business model, in fact. Just, … Continue reading

The growth of Erlang: The Stack Overflow Case Study

One of the most popular technical Questions and Answers (Q&A) websites is nowadays represented by Stack Overflow. Compared to a more traditional mailing list, it provides different advantages: More structured information Focus on the problem/issue Information easier to find Threads easier to follow Concept of reputation (most active users “rewarded”) Up/Down votes Etc. I’m not suggesting … Continue reading

How to manage multiple Erlang installations

Sometimes you need to use different Erlang versions for different projects. I personally have to use an old R12B-5 for one of my projects, which won’t compile on any of the latest Erlang versions. The question is then: How to switch from one version of Erlang to another one in a simple way? There are no … Continue reading

How they tried to fool tryerlang.org

Preface tryerlang.org is an Interactive Erlang Shell which allows you to try the power of Erlang directly in your browser, without installing anything in your machine. In the first months of his existence, tryerlang.org has been subjected to a countless number of attacks, aiming at bringing the Erlang node down. Studying the tryerlang.org’s logs has been so … Continue reading

Pair Programming

Final Cut Pro 7 – Tips and Tricks – Part 1

1. Personal Settings and Preferences Working with Final Cut Pro, you soon learn how useful is to customize toolbars, layouts and preferences. All these customizations are stored in: ~/Library/Preferences/Final Cut Pro User Data/ If you want to reset Final Cut to its original settings, just delete all files contained there, except from the PLUGIN directory, … Continue reading

Looking for an Erlang job?

Seeking an Erlang job? Looking for an Erlang developer to hire? The guys at Maximonster have just realized a simple website to post Erlang-related job offers. It definitely deserves a look. Oh, the website is powered by Zotonic, an Erlang CMS.

When all the applications start crashing on the iPhone [solved]

It happened to me several times to encounter a tedious bug on my iPhone. Suddenly, with no apparent reason, every non native application crashes immediately after the launch. A reboot in this case doesn’t help. The native applications (mail, safari, settings, etc) simply work fine. I’ve just realized that an update of ANY existing application … Continue reading

How to Display “accesskey” shortcuts in Google Chrome (and much more)

Have you ever heard about access keys? Well, I did. And I loved them. Your productivity can be so improved when surfing a web page by avoiding to use the mouse and by using shortcuts, instead. The bad thing about access keys is that they’re often hidden, by default, in the web pages. This doesn’t … Continue reading

tryerlang.org – Slides from the Erlang Factory

I had the honor to present tryerlang.org yesterday at the London Erlang Factory. If you want, you can download the slides of my “lightning talk” from here. Thanks for being there.