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Software Engineer and Erlanger. Author of www.tryerlang.org.
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Notting Hill Carnival 2009

I finally managed to upload some of the photos I took during the London Notting Hill Carnival 2009. Here they are.

Voice User Interface in Mobile Devices

How likely are we going to use Voice User Interface in mobile devices in the next future? Take a nice survey (available via web or IM) and win free Amazon vouchers😉

Snow Leopard – Where is System Events App? – Resolved

After upgrading my OS to Snow Leopard, the system asked for a file named “System Events.app”. You can find it under: System/Library/CoreService/System Events.app Enjoy!

English – Sicilian Dictionary

After spending almost one year in London, I decided to realize this small and handy reference for Sicilian – English translations. Enjoy :p unpigeon! -> spalumma! the right things… -> i cosi giusti… this is the girlfriend -> chista ie’ a zita the bad taken card -> a catta malu pigghiata dick sucker of the … Continue reading

Probability of Contracting the Swine Flu

You think you’re going to contract the flu quite soon, as it is so quickly spreading all around the world. Well, just think about the following. The probability of winning the jackpot in the national lottery is almost 1 in 14 millions.  So far, there are 105 confirmed cases of  swine flu all around the … Continue reading

Average PC User’s Fingers Distribution on typing

ETC Comics – Cake Friday

Special Pasting in Emacs

Sometimes you want to paste some old content from the clipboard, instead of the last copied thing. In this case, just paste as usual: C-y Then, browse the clipboard history by typing: M-y

SVN Revert within Emacs

If you want to revert your changes to the last revision, just type: C-x v u

SVN View Diff within Emacs

If you want to see the differences for a buffer before committing it, just type: C-x v =