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Pair Programming

Looking for an Erlang job?

Seeking an Erlang job? Looking for an Erlang developer to hire? The guys at Maximonster have just realized a simple website to post Erlang-related job offers. It definitely deserves a look. Oh, the website is powered by Zotonic, an Erlang CMS.

How to Display “accesskey” shortcuts in Google Chrome (and much more)

Have you ever heard about access keys? Well, I did. And I loved them. Your productivity can be so improved when surfing a web page by avoiding to use the mouse and by using shortcuts, instead. The bad thing about access keys is that they’re often hidden, by default, in the web pages. This doesn’t … Continue reading

Alternative Fashion Week – London 2010

Here are the photos from the London Alternative Fashion Week in Spitafields.

A Romance in Search (Sicilian version)

Based on the Google’s 2010 ad at the Superbowl, I’ve created a sicilian version of the “romance in search”. Hope you’ll enjoy it🙂

When Erlang meets Italy

In the past few days, you might have noticed lot of tweets and noise (or maybe melodies) on the web regarding Erlang and Italy. Since most of the discussions have been performed in Italian, let’s try to summarize here what has just happened. Everything started from a mail from @eolo in the official erlang-questions mailing list, … Continue reading

How to defeat Berlusconi. The definitive guide.

This seems to be one of the biggest political problems, nowadays. I’ll try to provide you an effective strategy on how to defeat your worst enemy in ages. Berlusconi is not a dictator We should be quite clear here. Especially abroad, people believe Berlusconi is governing Italy without having Italian consensus. This is just a … Continue reading

Google Chrome Beta Update Error – Solved

Recently, Google released a new Beta version of its browser Chrome. Well, my installed version of Chrome didn’t detect automatically the update, so I downloaded the latest version from: http://www.google.com/landing/chrome/beta/ Then, when I tried to drag and drop the application into the Applications folder (this will require you to quit from Chrome, if open), Snow … Continue reading

Highcharts PHP Library

What is highcharts-php highcharts-php is a PHP library to interact with the Highcharts JS charting library. What is Highcharts Reading from the official documentation, “Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript, offering an easy way of adding interactive charts to your web site or web application”. The Highcharts JS libraries are available at: … Continue reading

One year of Roberto Aloi

I registered this blog almost one year ago (even if I started adding posts to it in a more constant way just in August). Now that one year is passed, it’s time to view at the statistics. I passed from 0 to 2.270 visits per month. It’s not a lot, but it is still something. … Continue reading